Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 2 Adventures!

Now that I am getting into my third week of being in the city of Sevilla, I am becoming more and more familiar with the city and culture. Here is a recap of the activities and adventures that I took part in during Week 2.

We did a tour around a neighborhood and learned more about the city of Sevilla. We took a trip by the Plaza de Toros and learned about the history of bullfighting.

Matador Statue outside of Plaza de Toros

We went kayaking in the Guadalquivir River which runs through Sevilla. I was in a three person kayak with Cassia and Miranda. We did more zig zagging and spinning in circles than actually going straight the two hours we were out there. But none the less, it was a good time with many laughs. The Sevilla FĂștbol (soccer) team one the 4th Europa League Trophy. We were out on the town for other reasons, so we joined the celebrations. The party went well into the next day and night. But we only celebrated the first night. It was very exciting to see the excitement throughout the streets.

 Here we go!
This is just the portion of the crowd celebrating the in Plaza for the Sevilla win.

We finally got to try Churros con Chocolate! I had been waiting for it since we left the U.S. The churros do not have the sugar and cinnamon on them like at home; they are plain. But when they are dipped in the thick chocolate sauce/drink, they are marvelous!

Because this weekend was a huge adventure it will be getting its own post. Hope you can handle the anticipation!

Hasta Luego,
-Jota Jota

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