Thursday, May 28, 2015


7 days before I left on this amazing adventure, my family and I went to the Milwaukee Brewers game for the 2nd Annual James Family Brewers Game. It was an amazing time with tons of laughs! 

While we were there my sister asked why isn't "to take a nap" a verb in Spanish. In  Spanish "tomar una siesta" is the saying "to take a nap." So from that moment on we made it a verb "siestar." It is completely incorrect but it's fun. I am trying to make it a thing while I am here, but it's not going as planned.

When I was back in my first years of Spanish in middle and high school, we learned about siestas in the culture section of the Spain chapters. But I did not realize how critical they actually are until I arrived here and have been living here for over a week and a half.

Between the hours of 2:00pm and 5:00pm many stores and restaurants close. Schools even let the children out for a few hours. The reasoning is because it is hot here! Believe me. Walk out the door, bam instasweat. The hottest part of the day is between these hours. So people go home, eat lunch, nap a little, and then return to work or school after. However, because of this resting time the nightlife does not start until midnight and goes until 6:00am. This is something that has taking a little adjusting to, but I'm managing.

As I have experienced this siesta time during my week and a half here, I can safely say it is one of the best ideas in the whole wide world! I think it will be one of the toughest things to have to readjust when I return in a few weeks.

Hasta Luego,
-Jota Jota

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