Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hi Everyone!

As I am sitting here waiting for this last final to be done, I have an awfully lot on my mind... Like I need to pack and stuff... And move out of my apartment... And go to work... All before 5:00 tomorrow.. But I know it will definitely be worth it! Stop back here whenever you want to see what shenanigans I am getting into while I am abroad. 

I will be in Seville, Spain for 5 weeks studying and fiestaing abroad.. I leave May 16th but don't worry I will be back June 21st. While there, I will be taking 2 classes, living with a señora, visiting many beautiful places in the city, tanning, finding a prince, and seeing a bull fight. That's just the start of it! I'm sure many more opportunities will come up.

You'll be hearing from me soon!

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